Inspired in Nature…

The product concept comes from the millenary tribe inhabitants of the Amazon Rain Forest, who paint the soles of their feet with natural latex obtained from the Hevea trees. This enables them to move through the jungle more easily during the rainy season. This fine latex layer bio-degrades naturally back into the local environment after use…

Environmental respect

…A practical solution, natural and sustainable, adapted through time by the 01M OneMoment® company. A useful, functional, multi-use shoe made from 100% biodegradable raw materials.

Global patent

01M is made in Spain and has a World Wide Patent. It is designed for sports people, adventurers, travellers, water 'babies', gardeners, comfy shoe lovers, barefoot runners, beach bum's, and in fact for whomever wants to transform their work, sport or leisure moment in a unique and intense way.

Life is short. Make good decisions. Enjoy your moment!