One Moment - Technology

The polymer injection technique allows a 1mm thickness for the shoe body, and 2mm for the sole, which is at least 3mm less than a traditional shoe. This enables higher comfort with a skin tight feeling and correct breathability all at the same time. This is a Carbo-compensated process which allows for reduced CO2 emissions. Optimized machinery and production methods contribute to reduce energy consumption and consequently our environmental impact.


The 01M collection is developed from state of the art high tech materials and biodegradable plastics, and extremely innovative production techniques, introduced from other fields not related to the shoe industry. The result is a product with high durability and  elasticity whilst still respecting the environment.

01M products are the result of years of investing in R&D, with a focus on improving daily quality of life through a shoe which integrates technology, comfort and respect for the enviroment.