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01M OneMoment®...

is gentle, flexibile, high quality, sensitive and ergonomic. A shoe conceived by a multi disciplinary team of architects, product designers, shoe manufacturers and podiatrists, with the sole aim of offering maximum versatility.

The 01M collection is characterised by:
Elastic materials, softly adapting to the foot’s exact form.
Ergonomic design
Breathable / ventilation
Anti slip soles for maximum grip.
Micro/compact packaging - take them anywhere!
1mm thickness around your foot and 2mm on your sole. A revolution in the shoe industry!
His or hers? Unisex!


Created from materials and finishes that make 01M a versatile and comfortable shoe. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, in the garden, sports, yoga, at the river, on the beach, at really for just about anywhere you choose!